Orphan Girls Marriage Support

Orphan Girls Marriage Support

Because of crushing poverty, countless families in Pakistan are unable to have their daughters and sisters get married. Destitute parents may resort to extreme measures by killing their children and then committing suicide. we supports parents in these difficult situations by providing them with basic items necessary for newlywed girls including dresses, shoes, utensils, bedding, fan, sewing machine, etc. we also offers some financial assistance to offset other marriage expenses. Depending on the region, it costs approximately $300 to $500 to support the marriage of one young woman.

Families living under the poverty line do not have the means to give their daughters in marriage. We are in search of such distressed families and after performing a complete survey, our organization arranges their marriages by giving them furniture, dowry and cash. Many such girls are married by the help of our organization. In our society thousands of such families exist and the elite class members are required to help so that our poor brothers and sisters can also lead a happy life.

For charity and help please use below

Uae Account detail below:

IBAN No. AE170030010081123132001
Name: Wilayat Hussain
Bank : Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

Pakistan Account detail below:

Account number: 0683-001-002056231-001-3 (Current)

IBAN No. PK62ABPA0010020562310013


Name: Wilayat Hussain


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